Millbridge Elementary School Prototype

Location: China Grove, NC
Role: Project Coordinator
Area: 93,562 SQ FT
Completion: 2005

*Project completed while with SfL+a Architects, PA

Beginning in 2003 the Rowan-Salisbury Schools System commissioned SfL+a Architects to design three new elementary schools for use within their school district. These schools later became known as Millbridge, Elizabeth Duncan Koontz and Ethan H. Shive Elementary Schools respectively.

The school system desired to have the design of each school standardized in order to better facilitate maintenance, curricula, etc. The design team, in turn, offered as a solution a tried and true prototype that had been developed and refined over the span of ten previous built renditions throughout the state of North Carolina. As with all of the previous prototypes, each school’s core contains a media center that provides access from each of three “house” or grade level wings. The fourth wing of each school consists of a music, art, multi-purpose and cafeteria. The latter of which can be used without requiring access to the other wings.

The prototype’s core capacity can either increase or decrease through addition or subtraction of classrooms in any of the three grade level or curriculum wings as enrollment dictates. Because of this flexibility the concept has had great success and has been praised by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction as an example of excellent school design.