FTCC McLean Administration Building Addition

Location: Fayetteville, NC
Role: Project Coordinator
Area: 8,790 SQ FT
Completion: 2009

*Project completed while with SfL+a Architects, PA

SfL+a Architects were commissioned in 2007 by Fayetteville Technical Community College to execute the second phase of a two part long-term plan to its McLean Administration Building. As the third largest community college in the state of North Carolina, the expansion was necessitated by its increasing enrollment in large part due to its proximity to the ever expanding military installation of Fort Bragg.

FTCC McLean Administration Building Addition Elevation

Per the request of the client the design intentionally replicated the character of the first phase design. This desire was accomplished by both mirroring the plan of the original and by using similar brick, metal roofing and precast arches. Not only did this emulate the original structure but also reinforced the overall architectural style of the surrounding campus.